Friday, May 28, 2010

Mixed Media: The Verisimillipede

As a concept, the verisimillipede has a verisimultitude of uses. One could almost say it has veritable legs of it's own.

When one is scurrying across the detritus at the floor of one's own thoughts, over the dusty leaves of discarded story lines and the dry branches of unusable plots, the empty carapaces of dead chapters strewn about, sucked dry by that idiot in your critique group, desperately seeking that egg of an idea to be hoarded, nurtured, developed until it emerges from it's protective chrysalis a fully realized novel the same but yet cleverly different from all other novels ever written in the genre, ready for the publisher or agent to read and exclaim:

"OMG it's the Last Big Thing!"

Then, as you scuttle between keynoting author conferences and crowded book signings, national talk shows and--dare we say it—Oprah, you will appreciate the many legs of the verisimillipede.

1 comment:

  1. Very funny, Bart.
    As both a naturalist and a writer I really appreciate your hybridization!