Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mass Format Changes in MS WORD

This is a mini tutorial on how to make mass format changes in MS Word.  In this case it is changing underline to italics without affecting any other parameter.  But this technique can be used for any format including paragraph, color, tabs, language, frame, style or highlighting.

Go to Find/Replace

Click 'More' button.  Cursor should be in 'Find what:' 

Press Format Font 

Pick underline style straight line. Click OK

Move cursor to 'Replace with:'
Note 'Format: Underline' under the 'Find what:' field

Go to Format Font 

Pick 'Underline style:' none and 'Font style:' Italic. 
Click OK

Press 'Replace All'
Note 'Format:  Font: Italic, No underline' under the 'Replace with:' field

And the magic happens.

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